Henk Bakker


From my earliest recollections I always knew I wanted to play the drums. But I always got the answer that this instrument was too loud to be practiced inside a house. I think I was around 19 or so that friends of mine asked to grunt in their band Eternal Conspiracy. I didn’t hesitate a second. Some months later we released “Serenade of Dark Angels“, which we performed in ‘t Ukien in Kampen. Not long after I left the band and started playing as a drummer in several small setups. From Grind to Doom.

After moving to Amsterdam, I stopped playing drums for years. Until I ran into some friends that wanted to start a small band. Nur Armata was born. Not really metal, not really rock. After some time, I applied for the position as drummer in The Hangman’s Lament and played with them for 8 years. We played in the Czech republic, Germany and were about to do a release tour through Spain, Swiss and the UK when Covid struck. This also meant the end of THL. And now…. I’m in Nafearya. What a blast. Soo much fun and sweating.