Dave Pennekamp


When I was 19 and getting more and more into metal music, I really wanted to start playing aninstrument and found out that I like playing the bass guitar the most. 
Since then I got lessons from my dad who has been playing guitar for many years and other instruments too. 

After some time of practice, I started to play in some rock/pop cover bands and really liked doing this. 

I have been friends with Alex from the skateboarding group since a long time and on one day we started talkingabout music. Then we found out we had the same music taste and he told me he was working on putting a band together. 

At another day he asked me to play bass in his band and since the first time I came to a rehearsal I have been in the band which is from the time the band was still called The Art Of Fear. Not a long time after that the band got new band members and the name was changed toNafearya. I have been in this band for around 4 years with a lot of pleasure and it is still great to be a part of this.