Andreas Lindner


My name is Andreas Lindner, born in October 1978 in Hamburg, Germany.

I started writing songs, first as a singer, then as well as a guitarist, with my first band Tormentum Mortui, later better known as Querimonia. After several demo’s (Zug der Sturmvögel, Eiswinde) we recorded our first CD named Void of Malice, recorded in 1997 and produced by Source of Deluge label. After another EP including the song “Sailing Away” and several personal changes, the band was renamed to P.A.W.N.

(The Projection of Ancient Wisdom and Narration). The band wrote and recorded but never produced a thirteen track concept-album dealing with Tolkien’s Gondolin, part of The Silmarillion, including their number one hit Northern Fairytales. On the album every character got his own theme, it was a great work, unfortunately never published, accept some live performances those days. After leaving P.A.W.N., who actually still exist making Prog, I played bass guitar in the band ZQ (Zerquetscher), who played old school Deathmetal. Further I played guitar in in the Band Rodeo666 which was a Melodic Deathmetal project with former members of the band Cryptic Garden. After I moved to The Netherlands in 2006 I started a project named Freund Hain performing Old School Deathmetal together with students. Since January of 2018 I am a member of NAFEARYA, playing lead- and rhythm guitar. The music of Nafearya is – due to that it is Melodic Thrash Black Death Metal – different to all of I have ever heard before. It’s completely a new experience to listen to, to me as for our crowds. Of course all the members and friends of Nafearya have become my friends, too. Sure we’ll see each other soon on one of our next shows to share a great time together  \m/  \m/